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Integrate with Swedish banks

This feature would add Swedish banking institutions as a data source so LicenceOne could detect applications and their spend from them. We have now identified and decided on our preferred integration service, and are beginning to build our technical specifications to integrate with them. This should be available to all users from the week beginning 18 July 2022. # Banks in Sweden that will be supported soon The following banks are those which LicenceOne will soon be able to detect software automatically from in Sweden: * Airwallex * American Express * Bank Norwegian * Danske Bank Business * Danske Bank Private * Ekobanken Medlemsbank * Entercard * Facitbank SE * Handelsbanken Corporate * Handelsbanken Private * ICA Banken * Ikano Bank * JAK Medlemsbank * Komplett Bank * Länsförsäkringar Private * Lån & Spar Bank * Marginalen Bank * Monese * N26 Bank * Nordea Business * Nordea Corporate * Nordea Personal * OK-Q8 Bank * PayPal * Resurs Bank * Revolut * Santander Consumer Bank * SEB Card Accounts * SEB Card Accounts Corporate * SEB Corporate * SEB Kort Bank AB * SEB Kort Bank AB Corporate * SEB Private * Skandia Banken * Sparbanken Syd * Stripe * Swedbank * Wise * Ålandsbanken