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Transform application categories into editable tags

Right now, LicenceOne requires users to categorise their applications under the system fields of either: * ERP * IT Management * Office * Marketing * Industry specific * HR * Commerce * Artificial intelligence * Security * Collaboration * IT Infrastructure * Supply chain & Logistics * Content management systems * Sales * Analytics * Development * Customer service * Governance, risk and compliance * AR/VR * CAD & PLM * Productivity But that isn't descriptive, and it doesn't help users understand exactly what that **app is used for**. For example, Figma could be used as a "Design tool", a "Digital Asset Manager", and "Prototyping Tool". This feature would set out to resolve this issue. ## Proposed solution * Remove 1-to-1 relationship for categories, which would allow an application to be tagged under multiple categories at one time * Allow users to add their own custom category names rather than depend on LicenceOne's system categories