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Automatically add / remove users from software

We understand. It's annoying to have to manually add and remove users from software. We'd love to build a feature where you click a button and voilà, user removed from everywhere without lifting a finger 🪄 There's one big problem though - software companies. Because while technical standards exist to allow platforms like LicenceOne manage users (for example, [SCIM provisioning](, software companies realize that enterprise users will pay to get access to it. In our research, we found it varies between 1.5x to up to 4x more than the starter plan to get access to it. Simply go to your favourite application's pricing page and search for the magic words `provisioning`, `SCIM`, and `Active Directory` to get an idea of what the price increases look like. As we really want to make software management stupidly simple for **SMEs**, it'd be stupidly stupid of us to focus on an enterprise-type feature. So for the forseeable future, unfortunately, LicenceOne's onboarding and offboarding processes are the only way that we will resolve this problem.