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Detect applications & login activity from LicenceOne web extension

After installing the web extension (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera), each time a user logged into a software application this information would be sent to their LicenceOne platform to track how often employess are *really* logging in. **Points of attention** This is one of the few solutions we've found for SMEs to actually detect login data accurately, but we have some concerns. 1. Full browsing history must ***never be available to the employer nor LicenceOne***; only login history for applications e.g. Johnathan logged into Salesforce on the 20/03/2021 at 17:22, and **never** Johnathan logged into {insert funny website here} on the 20/03/2021 at 17:23 2. Employees/end-users must ***always be in control*** of what they share with LicenceOne. If they want to disable the extension, undo the sending of login information, or completely erase everything - they should easily be able to. 3. ***LicenceOne should only track/log software related URLs - and nothing more***. The moment that we start tracking and analyzing *every* URL would be the day we can't look ourselves in the mirror.