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🔧 Some fixes

* Users can now click on applications from the dashboard `Renewal timeline` and open them in multiple tabs * Changed action buttons (e.g. `Save`, `Cancel`) on modal pop-ups so that they're sticky and always visible, even for users on smaller screens [feedback: 18665] * Fixed an error where the employee profile view had a table column for `Estimated monthly spend` instead of `Spend last billing cycle` [feedback: 18666] * Fixed bug where search text remained in the search bar after selecting a result [feedback: 18669] * Fixed error where changing an `Application type` from `Free` to `Paid` didn't sort correctly in the applications table * Changed invoice collection task wording from `Upload x invoice` to `Collect x invoice` so that it's more obvious that LicenceOne doesn't store invoices * Added a `Lifetime deal` option for an application's `Billing cycle` * Fixed an error where marking an application as `This application doesn't renew` didn't remove it from the `Renewals` section * Fixed some translations for the French language * Fixed underline formatting for hyperlinks so it's more obvious