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🥖 Français, Française - Je vous ai compris

##Parlez-vous français ? ![158-cf7b54c2ff0bc802cbe70c8cfc0c19b7cdc93b84.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9278/inline-386023d46a4931f57fe9c2714df112a4.gif) Our French community will now have the choice to use the langue de molière inside LicenceOne. You will find a new preferences in the [user settings]( allowing you to choose your prefered language for your user account. ##New Tasks filters 🎯 ![159-735c99bb574012084d6e6ad7353ca2ca7f442090.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9278/inline-ee79d36fee9a77f902b3b42cfdc96958.gif) Whereas before users could only filter between `Assigned to`, we have now added `Creation date` and `Assigned to team` filters, which can also be used with each other. ##Improved search 🔎 We've now reworked LicenceOne's search system so that you can search for applications and employees from anywhere in the application. ![160-75a9d878d9a92cc3e59789e1db0a526dd79ad931.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9278/inline-8677991ecbcdfab772f3da22eafc10f9.gif) ##Other updates * We've now brought the improved task interface from the process view and made it available directly from the `Tasks` section * Now if users uncomplete a task in an offboarding process, we re-mark the concerned employee as `Tracked` and assign them to the application again