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🕵️ Task audit logs

##Task log recording When offboarding employees with LicenceOne's `processes`, it can be important for compliance reasons to know ***who performed an action*** (e.g. said that they removed an employees access) and ***when they performed that action***. That's why now in LicenceOne, all of the following actions related to tasks will generate an unchangable log with a timestamp: * Task assigned to another employee * Task status changed e.g. `Todo` -> `Completed` * Task created by the system ![161-704a67f85043e7db22a3ab44133d0c2e2621addc.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9277/inline-9a2a54a72ef70b6151f51e78f5fdcf8f.jpg) ##Other changes * The in-app notification panel has been removed * Added a new and improved settings menu to make it clearer that users can perform multiple actions from there 😉 * Removed the blur from the untracked applications table * Fixed a bug where the application table wasn't sorting applications correctly