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🚪Offboarding processes

While it's important to monitor your software consumption, it's perhaps even more important to be proactive. That's why today we bring you `Processes`. When one of your employees leaves the company, you can start an offboarding process from the employee view. This ensures that an employee is removed from 100% of their accesses, logins, and accounts by: * Ensuring every application used by the employee has a manager * Ensuring that the someone replaces that employee as manager if they are also assigned to applications * Invite managers who don't already have a LicenceOne account to create one so we can assign tasks to them * Automatically untrack the departing employee from LicenceOne so you don't have to pay for them anymore (it's the least we can do 😉) * Create offboarding assigned to each application manager asking them to remove the departing employee * When all offboarding tasks are completed, the offboarding process will be marked as complete Last words, we technically designed this set of features with the idea of being flexible and extendable easily. Which means you will soon see some others kind of processes, or some others automatic tasks plugged on our processes system. ![213-e29e724a12688678bedd03835ec95c2a21c9be5a.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9275/inline-d12667dc70335c5b023b8d3287fe78e5.jpg) ##Renewal timeline update * You can now filter the timeline by software ownership (`Applications I manage`, `Applications managed by others`, `Unassigned applications`) * We removed the `Renewal date` column from the Applications list as this duplicated the same information users would find in our new renewals section