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📅 Renewal timeline

![037-154c2cdfbcee64482f053f14a04760679f44b436.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9274/inline-8bffbda18a52c5a964f93aa67b1db730.gif) In today's update, all users will now see a new `Renewals` section on their interface. Contained within is a listing of all upcoming renewal dates for the software subscriptions within the company. Contrary to the renewals module of your dashboard, this section provides a global overview of every renewal date for software in your company, regardless of how distant it is in the future. To change any of the information related to the application, simply click on the renewal row and a `Edit application` menu should open on the right of your screen. ##Changes * Scrollbar design has been changed for all LicenceOne users to avoid design conflicts with Windows' native scrollbar