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📧 Email alerts when you have an unsynchronised bank account

In today's update, we've launched a way to you consistently monitor bank accounts for software spend with ease. Now LicenceOne will send users an email alert when: * We've first detected that your bank account is not synchronised * 7 days after the first notification, but only if the account is still unsynchronised That way you'll know that you need to log back in and perform a synchronisation, otherwise we won't be able to scan your accounts for software payments. ##Why would my bank account become unsynchronised? The most common reasons for this are: * Your bank requires users to resynchronise every 30 - 90 days as a security measure * Your bank has changed their terms and conditions and needs you to log back in to approve them * Your bank requires you to log back into your online banking and change your password If this ever happens, you should be able to see the reason why directly on your `Data sources `panel while hovering over the `Not synchronised` pill ![160-3d9e2f19fe145b825e60498b6936771e749c785c (1).png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9272/inline-a28d0d2a00284408845194f82e0547f9.jpg)