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✔️ Edit tasks and edit from the app list

##Edit tasks ![157-9c2c1c6d915ecd4b8927b3ac88da21b14f2f6c31.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9271/inline-a442e6cd009010e66da5e2249fadacc9.gif) Users can now edit task related information by clicking the task name or on the `Edit` button, such as: * If the application is tracked * Who the application manager is * What the billing page URL is Users now also able to mark a task as complete manually by clicking `Mark as complete` without passing via the [web extension.]( ##Edit from app list ![158-7f5885d2449ba732986470f539046202bcc181b5.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9271/inline-a89f07e720b8f95b64077b321141c0a9.gif) Now users are able to click and change the team or manager assigned to an application without visiting the detailed app view. Simply click on the relevant cell and search for the team or manager you wish to assign the application to. ##Improved data sources ![160-3d9e2f19fe145b825e60498b6936771e749c785c.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9271/inline-e02e285ecdc05d641ce27cac10f0a276.jpg) We had some users report that they were not aware that their financial data sources were no longer monitored, despite using the application regularly. To help out, we now display a small red dot on the `Data sources` menu icon and the concerned data source that is no longer synchronised. We have also re-worked our UI so that items that need user attention are much more eye-grabbing and instructive. ##Web extension ![161-4f2aa9fb9da32f94299e6c50bb401b08b9ed06c8.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9271/inline-3fbd35ac3d410f9bdd1f13f410d060d3.jpg) We've added a `Current task` element to the bottom right of users' screens to give more context of what task they should be accomplishing ![162-5067789dbd7cdfd2e41902eb77d84ab58b467fdf.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9271/inline-6f6d5604c17a77b2010baaaa530dfb30.jpg) We've added a tooltip to the `Add new billing page` dialogue of the web extension to make it clearer what this feature does ##Other changes & fixes * You can now search by email and employee name from the `Add new users` search box on the [Users]( section * We now save how many table lines and what column heading you sort by (for example, on the applications list) to display for the duration of a users' session * LicenceOne now checks if a user has synchronised their Google Workspace account when they try to manually add employees. If they haven't, we remind them that they can import all employees automatically * Fixed an error where the number of skipped invoices weren't counted correctly after the invoice collection process * Fixed an error where we displayed a `Tutorial` button on the web extension popup * Fixed some formatting errors with the web extension buttons