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🤩 Autocomplete fields & fixes

If you follow our updates rigorously, you might have noticed a trend. Indeed, at LicenceOne we prefer launching a few well-developed features rather than hundreds of half-baked ones. Well…this update is no different 😉 ##New application manager search Sometimes when you're working in a large company, scrolling through a massive list of employees to find the one software manager that you want to assign can be a pain. That's why now in LicenceOne, you can search for them by first name or email and assign your software managers in a flash 💥 ![093-7956fc918cf3c68c8362c660f872d74fac6d5318.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9270/inline-4afd563ff010c4b3d07d36140eb257d2.gif) ##Changes * We've added a `Renewal date` column to the application list so that now you can have a better outlook on your upcoming renewals * Now when users delete a bank account, the invoice collection tasks associated with those transactions are also deleted * We've added pagination to the `Tasks` page * Changed position of `Add new users` button on the `Users` section to make it more visible on smaller screens * We now sort all major tables automatically, so that users always see an arrow on the table headings and know that they can click there to sort * Removed the chevron from search bar so there is only one icon, the magnifying glass ##Fixes * Fixed a glitch where part of our bank icon wasn't displaying properly * We now display the correct number of tracked employees in the `Billing` section of LicenceOne