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##Application ![291-fdc40d268a926299a8a99f05c760919b4381c299.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9269/inline-bf5e6cd057569d6b14ec1f2264eb77c5.gif) * The activity column in the `User` section of the detailed application view now sorts in the correct order rather than alphabetically * Untracked employees no longer appear in the `Application manager` dropdown list of the detailed application view * Administrators can now remove Google Workspace from their` Data sources` * We fixed a bug where some users that didn't have a LicenceOne application in their account received a 500 error * All checkboxes have now been changed to reflect our design system * We added over 100 new applications that can now be detected via Google ##Web extension > 💡 Note: Google Web Store does not push the updates to our web extension automatically. It might take a few days before the following changes apply in your interface * Users can now exit the task process by clicking the extension icon on their navigator and clicking on `End tasks` ![286-1baa4200682bfd100800c08bc0d713aba1df8c39.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9269/inline-2717ae1c031190c1ca3a123a6ef8d3e2.jpg) * We now display a notification when users have successfully saved a new billing page or when we are redirecting them to a new billing page ![290-c9385bdd24c356781ec0056fb63b2d46a4c1e103.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9269/inline-2f07f347f982a6d0378b12eba0ea0130.jpg) * We've designed a pretty interface on the extension popup when a user is not currently logged into their LicenceOne account * We added a new popup interface for when users have no pending tasks * We added a new popup interface when in the task completion process