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🚘 Autopilot invoice collection beta

![616-19689843779044b65b8e913f4df15c7e82004550.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9268/inline-9a1de42143ce5ff31c63403ee685c0e1.jpg) Nobody adds value by spending hours collecting software invoices. **Every. Damn. Month.** That's why with today's launch, we've made some first steps to make the process a whole load quicker. ##Automatic task creation ![627-cbd6c4c7652d2792048cd881c92032e894746b62.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9268/inline-5f009fe85389ce166f5b2fcc90db1337.jpg) * We've added a `Tasks` area of the software * LicenceOne will automatically generate invoice collection tasks each month based on your bank transactions * LicenceOne will also automatically generate invoice collection tasks each time you synchronise a new financial data source * Tasks are automatically assigned to their software manager * If users don't have the web extension installed they won't be able to begin collecting tasks * If users don't have financial data sources connected no tasks will be generated ##Autopilot web extension ![622-1941d13940a2ce3580329a913a64dcc04183bc21.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9268/inline-81bf4274c6d20b888876f929b73a7a12.gif) * All invoice collection tasks appear in the [LicenceOne web extension]( * Users are automatically taken to each software billing page to download their invoice(s) * Tasks are marked as completed when we detect an invoice has been downloaded * Users can define a new billing page to be redirected there next time they have to collect an invoice * Users can automatically search their Gmail inbox for invoices * Users can skip invoice collection tasks via the `skip` button * The web extension displays analysis outlining the number of invoices collected and skipped, time spent doing so, and the estimated time users have saved (vs. if they collected these invoices manually)