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🎉 LicenceOne moves to premium

##New in today's update * Launched the paid version of LicenceOne * Added a Billing section ([Settings > Billing]( to manage your LicenceOne subscription ![209-b9be1f713dfd793c82a8ea4d00a698db16fbe64d.jpg](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9266/inline-0c595dbf3aeec58908430217a0340f2f.jpg) * Created permissions so that only users with Admin access can view and manage a company's LicenceOne subscription * All early ambassadors setup with a 30 day free use period before being required to subscribe to a plan * 11 day free trial period established for all new LicenceOne users * Lots of complicated and boring billing, invoicing and accounting settings that you don't need to worry about 😋 ##Changes & Fixes * Admins can no longer invite untracked employees * Removed Google Workspace setup button from the Employees section (it only appears in Data Sources now 😉) * The settings icon on the top-right of the interface has been changed to a cog icon * Untracked employees no longer appear in dropdowns for assigning an employee to an application * Changed the wording from `Assign new users to licence` to `Assign new users to application `in the detailed application view * Fixed bug where invited users couldn't use enter to submit their password form * When manually adding an employee, adding a team is no longer a required field