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📊 Improved financial calculations and billing cycles

##Improved financial calculations We've changed the way LicenceOne calculates and displays your application spend. Now, instead of estimating your monthly spend, we take a lot of different factors into consideration and estimate the spend for the **last billing cycle.** ![161-fa5da9859816676fff8fdfc875aef49aec866cac.jpg](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9265/inline-db69a9244e5e907011712b1649807d1a.jpg) ##Improved billing cycle accuracy We've completly reworked our billing cycle algorithm to consider twice the amount of different factors before making a decision on what the most probable billing cycle is for your software. ![162-e7ef3f609ce5a6e8236da358b67436c42555cea1.jpg](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9265/inline-5beb93e7145465792d858d64194558ff.jpg) The eagle-eyed among you will have also noticed that we've added an Other billing cycle for when your software payments do not follow a particular pattern (e.g. API access purchases, monthly subscriptions that were stopped and restarted etc.). We've also added a `Waiting for more data...` status of users' billing cycle when we don't have enough data to accurately predict whether it's monthly, yearly, or other. This status will change automatically once we do, or users can change it manually to override the system. ##Other improvements * Account owners now receive a renewal reminder 40 days before a software's renewal date * The right-most month of the graphs in the app detailed view have been changed to the current month * We now require users to enter a renewal date when they change a software to a yearly billing cycle * Counts in the application and employee lists now only count the number of items displayed depending on the filter applied (tracked or untracked)