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📁Hide untracked applications and change renewal dates

##Hide untracked applications and employees ![012-7c85ab51da8895e5453042b9952cbaabb2c042d4.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9264/inline-04bdea1f389ec7becdebbc4d78df4db5.gif) Now when you switch the tracking toggle to disabled we will hide your application or employee from appearing in your lists. ![015-d5dede62c72af70385de3fafde0a3799aba2bbd6.jpg](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9264/inline-5ad3354db3168c78b8a594e4a44139a8.jpg) If you ever want to consult all of your untracked items, simply use the filter on the top left of your table and select `Untracked applications`. By default, your filter will only have tracked applications selected. ##Easily update renewal dates ![017-cdf2162f77a1d29fb7b455d816cab37192536032.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9264/inline-9e2b69f34c71ec710a8d706e86b30826.jpg) You can now change a software's renewal date, go to the software's website, or stop tracking that software directly from the renewals section of the dashboard. We've also made the `Software renewal date` an editable field within the detailed application view so you can change it from there 😉 ##Access an application's website in one click ![020-61de55079dd2f2f478da5323909fc3e2c1c320e9.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9264/inline-fd063b81260773b032c860ce99b1300f.jpg) If you've ever been reviewing your company software subscriptions come across some niche software you've never heard of - you're not alone! At least now to make things a little easier, you can directly open the website for the *exact application concerned* from your LicenceOne interface rather than having to go through Google search results or message the application manager. ##Other improvements and changes * Added over 100 new applications to our detection database * Moved Google Workspace to data sources * Changed `Add data source` button to include more information on what we actually detect from each source * We now display an error message and shoot you an email if you are not an admin of Google Workspace but try to synchronise it with LicenceOne * We hope you never see them, but if you do, we've made our error pages (404, 500 etc.) nice to the eye and less "OMG I broke everything" * Reworked the password reset user flow and UI