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🤖 Automatically detect app activity and link users

Sure, detecting applications is cool, but wouldn't it be really cool if you were able to detect if those applications are being used by your employees? Say no more - LicenceOne's activity levels are now ready! ![647-c189f91e7f1c3ac1b1077b37eb80045a4936ff21 (1).png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9262/inline-a1d12ff095330064a7857016ded1103b.jpg) Simply connect your company Google Workspace account with LicenceOne via the "Employees" page and we'll automatically: * Link employees to apps where they've clicked "Login with Google" * Detect the last date that they logged in via Google * Display an activity level indicator per user ##Other changes `Added` If a sole employee has been linked to an application via Google, we will also assign that employee's team to the application `Added` Now you can set an "Application Type" as either Paid or Free via the application view ![655-33ba657bb67ab6214939c7d56360dc35889c0a58.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9262/inline-eacdc4c57d7128cd9c5d7ec889fcda8f.gif) `Added` We've added some text to the bottom of the login page so new users know where they can create an account `Added` Now we display a little hint to synchronise Google or extra data sources if we have not detected any data ![654-7161a33796c9da7e5a331ce4f962e4c69ae0cf4d.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9262/inline-2522310ae88b37e2d524264521216a59.jpg) `Changed` The way that we load pages and request data has been optimised. You will probably notice that pages in LicenceOne load quicker. `Changed` Our "software identification" algorithm has been optimised. For new users, we should now be able to provide first results much quicker. `Changed` We've changed the "Applications" table to include the number of users and the application manager `Changed` Application switcher tab names to `Overview`, `Spend` and `Users` `Fixed` A compatibility issue with Firefox where users couldn't submit LicenceOne forms (login & register) `Fixed` We had a bug where users couldn't work if a cell contained an image element (Applications list, team etc.). That's fixed now. `Fixed` Some recent changes meant that the renewal dashboard didn't display any data. Whoops. Fixed. `Fixed` A particular case where our company logo placeholder wasn't displaying for some apps.