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🤼 Manage your teams

Tracking who has access to what software, and more importantly, who you need to speak to when you want something done can often be annoying. > "Speak to Rachel, I think that's hers. Or maybe it was Ross. Oh wait no! Notion is a dev thingy, it's Monica you should speak to" We might be reliving some trauma there. Quickly moving on… 🙄 From the application view in LicenceOne, users can now: * Assign a manager to an application * Assign employees that have access to an application * Quickly consult who is the manager or has access ![752-dd5b49cc8179cebbfc3e7ab6c6ce772b757c090e.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9260/inline-49d322d1f1b9ce627418c8bf658e5610.gif) ##Invite employees to create LicenceOne accounts Once you have added your employees to be tracked in LicenceOne, you can then invite some (or all) of them to create a LicenceOne account. We've created `Administrator` and `Viewer` access rights for you too, so that nobody can accidentally break anything unless you tell them so. ##Import employees list from GSuite To speed things up a little, users are now able to import all of their GSuite users into LicenceOne as employees rather than adding them all manually (which, by the way, you can also do if you're a masochist). ##Add and edit LicenceOne teams Now you can create and edit as many teams as you like (or at least, until the colours we generate start looking ugly) from the user settings panel. ![754-d0d39b37952abb6f1ba5c29f52b06a52ee5f3920.gif](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/9260/inline-54c0e2d09798e88384742667ac812c46.gif) ##Other changes * Users can now change their password from the settings panel * Departments have been renamed to Teams * We've reworked the app search bar to make it all shiny * We've added an interactive tutorial to show you around all of these new features * We've added more information for users on how we protect banking data * Fixed a bug where some app logos looked pixelated * We've removed the OK status appearing next to banks on the Data Sources panel. Now if you see something next to your bank name, it likely means you need to re-authenticate * Removed option for users to upload a profile picture * Changed app view dialog boxes to make it clearer what each figure represents * Changed the switcher UI to make it a little more obvious that they can be clicked