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![Web extension install settings.png-7500](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/27027/inline-c41b7f26fd14d60e424bcfc1631ec396.jpg) Wave goodbye to @all messages in #general and farewell to mass emails prompting your team to activate the LicenceOne browser extension. We've made things a whole lot easier! You can now invite the entire team to install the suitable extension for their browser in just three clicks. Magic, right? 🎩✨ Simply head to your [browser extension settings](, select the users you want to invite, then hit the “Send invite” button. Voila! But wait, there's more in store. We've thrown in a few extra perks in this update to make your browser extension deployment a breeze: * Keep tabs on the percentage of employees who've activated the extension with a real-time counter. No guesswork, just facts! * Want to know if a particular employee has linked their extension, gone inactive, or has yet to install? Now, you can do that in a jiffy. * Personalize your invite email with a note, so your teammates know who's inviting them, why, and what it's all about. No more mistaken identity crisis. * A newly designed installation landing page where LicenceOne automatically prompts users to install the correct extension for their browser