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Application statuses

![App status.png-8871](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/24321/inline-083c139ff2777042d7caa51227ebeeb5.jpg) In today's update, we've revamped how you can label application statuses. Gone are the days of just Tracked and Untracked. Now, you can customize statuses to better suit your needs. Want a `Must have` status? Consider it done. How about an `Unauthorized label`? No problem. Additionally, we've introduced a Newly detected application status. This will automatically be assigned to every new application that pops up in your workspace. Just use the filter in the [application section]( to quickly see what's new and demands your attention. ## Other improvements - Added support for virtual card solutions, such as Pleo, Soldo, and Airwallex - Added a count of `Active users` to the renewals list - Fixed a bug where some apps were being falsely detected as used by the browser extension - Changed the design of the left panel when waiting for users to install the LicenceOne browser extension - Buffed up our security by fixing a potential vulnerability related to improper header parsing