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Improvements & Fixes

* We've added a handy "Invited users" section to our onboarding process, so you can keep an eye on invitation statuses (`Accepted` or `Invited`) * Ever needed to resend an invitation? We've got you covered with a new "Resend invitation" button in the user onboarding section * We've updated the first page you see when you join a LicenceOne workspace, aiming for a smoother and more intuitive user experience * For those important email verification steps - whether you're signing up or activating our browser extension - we've worked on making those emails clearer and friendlier * We've also given our email verification messages a little touch-up for a clearer, friendlier experience (upon signup and when activating the [browser extension](] * We've managed to speed up the initial load time of the LicenceOne app by 50% when you log in * We've also added a pinch of our secret magic to cut down on the number of false positives from the LicenceOne browser extension * In cases where a company image can't be found, we've updated the placeholder image that displays for an application **We've squashed a few bugs too** * Fixed an issue where an application's billing cycle was permanently stuck on Waiting for more information.... * Resolved an odd issue where some users saw the same application twice in their accounts * Sorted out a problem where some users were unable to load LicenceOne * Got on top of a pesky bug in the "Trial ended" pop-up where the Notify billing contact button didn't send a notification. * And last but not least, we've made sure the First name and Last name fields are pre-filled when you create an account via Google during the initial sign-up process