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Quickbooks integration & other fixes

![Accounting integration2.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/22513/inline-1bc8bd7bd56261444bcc245c89facf72.jpg) ## Quickbooks integration LicenceOne can now automatically detect software spend from your supplier invoices and expenses, saving you time and eliminating errors. Gain insights, make data-driven decisions, and bolster your bottom line. Note: to add accounting software, you must not have any other financial data source already synchronized (bank account or PayPal). ## Other improvements and fixes - Added feature that allows the LicenceOne browser extension to track activity automatically from applications where you have a custom company sub-domain (e.g. - Improved login activity tracking on the LicenceOne browser extension so that activity is only logged once a user visits the web app, and not the marketing website - Improved the application manager list on the application view so that employees are sorted alphabetically - Improved the wording of the [auto-link extension settings]( to make it easier to understand for administrators - Fixed the formatting of a system message that appears in instances of a Google Workspace synchronization error - Fixed a bug where, when reassigning transactions from one application to another, the transactions still appeared in the first application for a few seconds - Fixed a bug in the renewals section where the `Assigned manager` selector was not interactive for some users - Fixed a bug where, after encountering an error synchronizing a French bank account, LicenceOne displayed the incorrect system error message - Fixed a dead link to an FAQ article when switching from demonstration data to real data - Fixed a bug where the assign renewal dates page didn't show the correct amount of applications that had outdated renewal information