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Improved renewals

![Frame.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/16985/inline-932d10cf827f44cf03683e8690caa436.jpg) ## Improved renewals section The [renewals section]( has been reworked this week with multiple quality of life improvements * Improved renewal timeline by removing all free applications * Improved the design of an alert to help users understand that they have renewal dates to update * Added notification bubble to the renewals section when there are paid applications that renew automatically without a renewal date defined * Improved the renewal section to display the cost and billing cycle, so you know which renewals should take priority _______ ## New & improved * Added a notification icon to the `Data sources` section when a financial source requires a users' attention * Changed the `Spend last billing cycle` column on the applications page to become `Spend last 12 months` * Changed all modals to include a primary button * Changed how our dashboard loads for faster load speeds * Display the number of `Active users` out of the number of `Total users` on the applications list * Improved interactivity on the renewals list * Added ability to view all applications at once * Made our snackbar appearance time longer as users reported not being able to understand what it said * Improved load speeds on the applications and employee pages (x2-x4 faster loading times, depending on user location) _______ ## Fixed & removed * Fixed error related to users that removed their Slack integration via the Slack marketplace * Fixed an error where untracked applications were automatically tracked when new activity was detected via the browser extension * Fixed an error where USA + Canada users couldn't reauthenticate their bank account synchronization * Fixed an error where, when deleting transactions from an application, the page did not automatically refresh and gave the impression that we didn't take any action * Removed invoice collection settings and automatic task creation. We'll consider adding them back at a later date * Removed Google SSO as a login activity data source. Now we'll only synchronize employees from there, but all activity data will come from [our web extension](