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Amortize your app spend

![Frame 1.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/15785/inline-7941e078d46d711b1cf6ebe983b9b455.jpg) Now you can spread the cost of your yearly spend over a period of 12 months, rather than accounting 100% of it in the month you paid for it. Simply head to [Amortization Settings]( in your account to set up how long we should spread your payments (based on the billing cycle), then choose what view you'd like to see with the filter on all spend graphs. **Slack notifications for new employees** ![Frame 2.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/15785/inline-233727d131aed23aada83946b71fdee1.jpg) Now you'll receive a notification from the [LicenceOne Slackbot]( each time a new employee is detected. What's more, directly from Slack, you'll be able to: * Assign a team to the employee * Untrack them * Open their LicenceOne employee profile in a new window **Fixes & changes** * Fixed an error where menu icons didn't show a notification bubble * Fixed an error where US + Canada bank accounts didn't display an error message when we encountered an error synchronizing with them