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🎨 Add your logo to LicenceOne's interface

[feedback: 23903] Today we've launched a feature that allows all users to replace the LicenceOne logo on the top left of their menu to their own. ![Figma_v4p1RmBENm.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/10962/inline-1310672bb3f98b5b7a3b40bbd361dd1c.jpg) To do add your logo to your account, you will need your company logo to be: * Uploaded on a publicly available URL (e.g. Imgur, your WordPress site, your Webflow assets etc.) * In png, jpg, SVG, or gif format * In a horizontal layout format * Ideally in 160px x 28px dimensions (we automatically resized your image based on that maximum height) Once that's all in place, head to [Settings > Company information]( to get started. For extra help getting setup with your customised interface, please consult [our detailed FAQ article on "How do I add my company logo to LicenceOne?](