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Add financial models to apps and change your company country

We've received feedback from multiple users mentioning that while they like that LicenceOne has a billing cycle field, this doesn't perfectly describe all the nuances between subscription-based applications, pay-as-you-go applications, or otherwise. So we listened. Now, on top of a billing cycle, users can assign the following financial models to their applications: `Subscription`, `Pay-as-you-go`, `Marketplace`, and `Lifetime deal`. What's more, we've now removed lifetime deal from the billing cycle options. If users select lifetime deal as a financial model, the billing cycle will be set as one-time. You can check out our feedback item for this below: [feedback: 24259] ## Change your company country [feedback: 25502] When signing up, some users skipped through our onboarding and unfortunately left the country field as the default value. Normally that shouldn't be an issue, however, this is one of the ways that LicenceOne determines which currency symbol to display on financial amounts. Now we've added a field under your company settings so that you can change your company country whenever you like 😀