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Mid-May Product Update

Phew - launching on Appsumo keeps you busy! 😅 But in-between support, product design, and technical specifications we've still been able to publish a first batch of your desired changes. ## Manually add applications without waiting for review [feedback: 24416] We've completely reworked the way our application database works so that you can now manually create an application in LicenceOne, even if it doesn't already exist in our app database, without having to wait for us to verify it. Simply head to the "Add an application" button at the top right of your applications page to get started![chrome_moKAn6bG4R.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/10346/inline-b92b4693bf5680de0968477df0458199.jpg) This is the first stage in a three-stage process for improving manually adding applications to LicenceOne. Very soon we'll be [adding a couple of extra fields to the manual creation view]( and then will start implementing our most requested feature: [manually adding application spend and costs]( ____________________ ## Changed number formatting so it's how you like it [feedback: 24577] Previously LicenceOne displayed all financial amounts with the currency symbol after the numbers, and with a comma separator to show decimal values. Now we've changed things so that your browser language and region automatically determines what number format appears. For example, if you've setup your browser to American English, numbers will now look like $122.33 _____ ## New dashboard graph [feedback: 22008] We have now reworked your dashboard so that instead of displaying a bar chart with the budget assigned to each team, we now display a chart of your past 12 month's application spend. That way, you can start to visualise how your application spend has been evolving. ![chrome_E5BFFDjW2F.png](BASE/products/303103553/changelog/10346/inline-249b92d9591f9b37bc807393e3bda165.jpg) For those that want to track budget allocation per team - don't fret! We're first going to work on allowing users to assign multiple teams to an application and calculate how that budget is divided (equally or by headcount for example) and once that's perfected; we'll move on to making a useful dashboard graphic to display that information. To follow our progress on that, you can upvote or subscribe to our feedback entry below: [feedback: 25142]